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     F5 Car Wash is a unit of the renowned and established 5K Network. F5 Car Wash is located at Codissia. Located centrally, you could get your car washed by the time.

     Our other branches are located at Fun Mall and SEZ Park Saravanampatti. We specialize in car painting, tinkering, polishing, car body washing. We have an experienced team to deliver the best service. We also assist with insurance claims when in need.

     The F5CARWASH may be a place wherever technology, folks and "car care" converge. This can be wherever you, An automotive owner can appreciate the tremendous power of technology and F5’s nice beliefs in human connect.

     While we have a tendency to pride ourselves within the science that goes into development of every of the product used at a F5CARWASH, it's additionally our endeavor to make sure that our customers perceive our varied vary of services with utmost detail. this might be within the kind of what product we have a tendency to use at these stores, what method we have a tendency to adopt or maybe the chemistry and also the natural science behind what makes F5 product work thus well.

     So, after you visit a F5CARWASH, you'd meet Associate in Nursing enthusiastic store manager who loves what he will and can typically go overboard in explaining what wonders F5’s product can do on your automotive. He can take you through our vary of services which will rework your automotive to appear like it’s simply walked out of a sales room.

  After you do happen to choose one amongst the many F5’s automotive treatments, you'll relax within the client lounge and see your automotive obtaining reworked into a beauty. you've gotthe choice of reading, look your favorite TV channel or functioning on your pc during a Wi-Fi enabled surroundings where as you sip a cup of occasional. Of course, the shop manager would be around if you want him to debate with him regarding however, you'll "Keep Your automotive wanting New"

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